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Max Frye
Financial Analyst Internship for a Startup
Prepare for the experience of a lifetime! Work with great people, learn about social ecommerce and fashion, and help a startup expand from the ground up.

You will join a local startup with an impressive Board of Advisors and experienced entrepreneurs. Get ready for more responsibility and real-life work experience.

About the company: HAULERdeals.com is a local startup that combines social channels, technology and fashion to create the most unique social shopping experience.

We’re looking for a Finance intern who is passionate about learning from the ground up how an ecommerce startup operates. In return, we will offer you mentoring, experience, referrals and visibility into the inner circles of both technology and fashion industries.

Internship details:
- Intern will get great exposure to the start-up model
- Intern will need to build pivot tables, financial models and P&L statements
- Requires excellent writing and organizational skills. Intern will learn A to Z processes of ecommerce retail. From online customer ordering experience to fulfillment center management and backend customer service center console.
- Intern will assist in writing and developing, Training guides and internal processes to ensure greater company efficiencies and ultimately complete customer satisfaction.
- Intern will also assist in market research for Corporate Presentation decks.
- Intern will get exposure to reconciling operations

Prerequisites: Openness to learn, out-of the-box thinking, willingness to dig into the details, good communication, writing and organizational skills. Must be interested in/studied finance, web-savvy and have a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word. Powerpoint and Photoshop a plus but not required. Intern should own their own laptop.

Location: Manhattan Beach Office

Hours, compensation: Hours are as flexible as you can handle.

Send resume to: max@czadventures.com

Send Resumes to: max@czadventures.com

Manhattan Beach, CA
August 23, 2012