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Gen Art Film Festival Volunteers
The Gen Art Film Festival is an AMAZING event that will be showcasing and premiering various films each night. One short film and one feature would be showcased each night to give each and every film well-deserved attention and focus.

For the film and entertainment enthusiasts, we are looking for volunteers to help us out during the festival. It is a fantastic opportunity to see the ins and outs of working a film festival and give you the chance to meet emerging film industry professionals, talent and directors.

The festival will take place at the School of Visual Arts on August 8 to August 14, 2012. We would love to have 8-10 volunteers for 5 hours each day. The different jobs available are check-in/greeting, ushers, and production assistants.

Volunteers are valuable to the success of the film festival and if you want to take part in this exciting opportunity, please contact us at

New York, NY
August 01, 2012