Do I need to register or login to apply to internships, or use the site in general?
No, as a potential intern you do not need to register for the site. Only companies who want to post internship are to use the registration form.

How do I apply to the internships listed on FreeEntertainmentInternships?
Each internship post contains an email address where you can send your cover letter and resume to.

How do I write a cover letter/resume?
Please visit the “Resources” page for information.

I live abroad. Can I apply for internships in the US?
Unfortunately I cannot answer that question for you, as that decision is up to the company.

I want to intern at ______. Can you put me in contact with them?
No. I do not directly place interns, nor do I provide contact information. If you have your heart set on interning for a particular company, use the search option on the “View Internships” page and see what is available. If they are not on the site, try contacting them directly.

Do you get paid for posting internships?
No. I am in no way compensated for posting any internship on the website, or for your interest/participation in their internship program.

How do you find the internship opportunities posted on your site?
All the internships on this site are submitted directly by the company through the website.

I accepted an internship posted on your website, and feel uncomfortable with my employer and/or what she/he is asking of me. What should I do?
Firstly, has no control over and does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of items posted, nor the truth or accuracy of the job information posted in this database. It is the internship seeker’s responsibility to independently review all posting companies, offers, terms and locations of interviews. If you accept an internship and do not feel safe/comfortable with your employer or workplace, remove yourself from the situation. In other words, please do your homework and use common sense when applying, interviewing and accepting internship opportunities. Also, please feel free to use the Contact form to inform me of the situation.


How do I post an internship on FreeEntertainmentInternships?
First, you must sign up, which you can do so by clicking on the Registration link. Once the form is submitted, it will take 1-3 days for your information to be reviewed, in which then you will receive notification that your account has been created. This is a one-time process in order to ensure the validity of your affiliation to the company.
It is extremely important to use a company issued e-mail address (e.g., name at freeentertainmentinternships dot com) to register. If you do not want this information displayed, do not worry — there is an option to keep your information private, and your e-mail will be hidden from all users. Just don’t forget to include contact information in the body of the post!

I never received an e-mail notification. What should I do?
First, check your SPAM folder. Otherwise, your registration may have not been approved. Most likely, you did not register using a company issued e-mail.

I already created an account for my company. How do I post/edit/delete an internship?
Simply sign in to your account, and you will be taken to a landing page. There you will see links to add an internship, delete an internship and edit an internship.

When I click “submit internship” nothing happens. What should I do?
Chances are it is your web browser causing the problem. Use Firefox to remedy this problem.

I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?
You can click the Forgot Password link toward the top of the page. Using the form, enter the primary e-mail address used to sign up for this website. An email will be sent to the registered e-mail address with further instructions on password recovery. Alternatively, you can retrieve your password by using the contact form. Only e-mail sent from the e-mail account associated with your FreeEntertainmentInternships account will be assisted in password retrieval. This is done to ensure the security of your account information.


Who is Carla Isabel Carstens?
Carla Isabel Carstens is the founder of FreeEntertainmentInternships. More information about her can be seen on the “About” page.

I want to advertise on the blog. How much does it cost?
If you would like to advertise on this blog, please use the contact form. In the “Message” field, please include information pertaining to your company and what kind of advertising you are interested in.

I would like my product to be reviewed. How do I proceed?
If you would like to submit your product to be reviewed, please use the contact form. In the “Message” area, include relevant information and links pertaining to your product.


Where did you get the pictures used on FreeEntertainmentInternships?
The pictures were taken by Elizabeth Thurston for If you would like to contact Elizabeth, please visit her website

What is is a blog created by a college friend of mine, Nacole Gray. It’s a great blog that displays individual style, highlights fashion trends, influential fashion designers and features must-have brands. I definitely suggest that you check it out!

I want to be included on your Resource page. How do I submit my link?
If you truly feel that your website contains insightful advice pertaining to internships, use the contact form to submit the link. Submission in no way guarantees inclusion on the page, and I do not accept link exchanges.

I would like to interview Carla Isabel Carstens. How do I contact her?
If you would like to interview me, please use the contact form. In the “Message” field, please include information pertaining to your article or segment.

I would like to advertise on FreeEntertainmentInternships. How much does it cost?
If you would like to advertise on FreeEntertainmentInternships, please use the contact form. In the “Message” field, please include information pertaining to your company and what kind of advertising you are interested in.